The Flow Cytomix Interactive Combination Panel is back online, and updated with all of our newest multiplexing products.  Simply select your species by clicking its icon on the top right, then customize your panel by checking your analytes of choice.  You can choose up to 20 analytes to be ran together at once, without worrying about sacrificing detection or performance.  You will be notified of kits that can’t be combined with a red highlight. 

    Check it out now at:  

    I’ve also included a description of our nomenclature we use for all the kits, for all you first time users.

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eBioscience Northern California and Northwest


Northern California and the Northwest States (WA, OR, ID, MT, WY) eBioscience users officially have a location for viewing and sharing information about our reagents, Antibodies, and Immunoassays, as well as life in the lab!!

Researchers around the globe are well aware of the eBioscience track record - Over 10 years of providing high-quality products and technologies for immunologists. The mission of eBioscience is to be the leader in innovative reagents for mulitcolor flow cytometry and immunoassays, and to help keep our customers at the forefront of their cell analysis research.

This page is designed to help me better achieve that goal for all the researchers in Northern California and the Northern Rockies. I promise to keep you up to date with our latest product releases and new technologies, while sharing some of the great times we have in (and out of) the lab along the way!

Also, this site is meant to be interactive, so please always feel free to contact me by clicking the "Ask" link above.


Colin Fitzpatrick, M.S.